Vale of York Athletic Community

Yorkshire and Humber Club of the Year 2022

    Inclusive running, athletics and fitness for all.

    Our coaches help people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds become healthier, happier and more confident through athletic activity.

    Vale of York social community runs

    Community Runs

    Relax your mind and stretch those legs with our all-inclusive community runs. Our team of run leaders deliver safe and structured sessions for all abilities that begin with a warm up and end with a cool down. Every Wednesday at 7pm from Selby Leisure Centre. FREE to sign up and take part for ten sessions.

    Coached Sessions

    We structure coached sessions and create personal training plans so you can fulfil your potential. The Vale of York coaching team is made up of England Athletics performance coaches, personal trainers and exercise specialists with over fifty years’ collective experience and qualifications to match.

    Vale of York Circuits and strength training

    Circuit Training

    Build muscle and improve cardiovascular fitness with our personal trainers through a range of weight bearing exercises that combine strength with speed and endurance. Our coaches will teach you perfect form in our circuit classes and provide you with the motivation you need to push yourself harder and further than before.

    Vale of York Juniors Speed Bounce

    See our juniors have
    fun while they train.

    Drawing on the latest in sports science and educational theory, our sessions led by our fully-qualified England Athletics coaches incorporate a balanced range of activities that ensure children have fun while they train in a safe and sustainable way.

    Meet our U11 junior cross country team.

    We have two junior teams, as well as a men’s and women’s team, competing in the PECO Cross Country series over the winter in Leeds and track and field competitions across Yorkshire over the summer.

    We are completely inclusive and cater for all abilities aged 4 and above.

    In winter we train indoors in the sports hall at Selby High School. In summer we use the track and field at Selby High.

    For more information on junior training and competition, and to enquire about availability, email



    Jane ThompsonJane Thompson
    11:53 26 Jun 24
    This was an excellent opportunity for the local children to do some timed athletics and have some fun. It's definitely sparked my son's interest in all of the events.
    Andy BowlerAndy Bowler
    08:32 26 Jun 24
    Great event!
    Chris BeattieChris Beattie
    17:11 18 Sep 23
    Fantastic day out with two great coaches - Ian and Beverley. Even helped me perfect a brand new long jump technique.
    Rowena LiddleRowena Liddle
    08:57 16 Aug 23
    My daughter really enjoyed her time here .
    Kevin MoseleyKevin Moseley
    07:22 14 Aug 23
    An all inclusive club, that caters for all, regardless of ability, sex, size, shape, age and more. It is a community that supports each other through everything and we look to help you reach and achieve your goals, what ever and however small or large they may be.It is all about the places you go, the people you meet, the things you see and what you conquered on the way to get there.It is not all about what we take, but it is also what we can give back and give to the community. From weekly runs with coaches and run leaders, exercise groups for all ages, abilities, new mums, able bodied or disabled, children, those recovering from things (physical or mental), helping with weight loss, injuries and a whole lot more, we look to help you and each other to get you to where you want to be.Being all inclusive means everyone is welcome and we have something for all. Turning up is optional, smiles though - they come a lot easier and faster and you do a lot of it surrounded by those you will get to know.I joined a couple of years ago and even though my fiancé and I live 21 miles away from Selby, we have never looked back.I would rather (and have and still do) drive 21 miles to go run for an hour with the groups, than run alone at home. To run is great (and I am in my 50's and not bad for my age having learnt to run to 5k and now a marathon runner), but to see others progress, gain in confidence, ability and encourage them each step, is worth a lot more to me than what I can do.Being part of something wonderful is not something you can say every day. Here, however, you get exactly that and honestly, the feeling of support/camaraderie and more that you get every step of your journey (no matter how short or long you want that to be) will remain with you long after you have crossed that finish line, showered, sat and reflected on your day and how well you did.KevAlways remember, the hardest and most difficult step is not that when you cross the finish line. It is the one that you take when you walk out of your door and step outside. That takes courage and if you need any help getting there, give me a shout. I will be there to support you all the way,
    Paul KempPaul Kemp
    21:36 08 Jan 23
    Our two boys have been with the Vale of York Athletes Club since the Summer of 2022.It’s so refreshing to find a club that’s really got the children’s interest at heart. Ian and the team are really friendly and fun. Our boys have learned something new every week and really enjoy it. It’s a very sociable environment and run in a very professional manner. The fees are very good and as a parent you could not ask for a better club. Thank you Ian. We wish you all the best with the club moving forward.
    Clare BromleyClare Bromley
    23:13 14 Dec 22
    My son has been interested in running and athletics from a young age ( he is in his teens now)but there has never been a club locally to support him. When I first saw a flyer about an athletic summer school in 2021 I signed him up. We haven't looked back since. He has thrown himself into everything the club has to offer. Running, speed training, field and track ( 100, 200, 400, 800 m, long jump) high jump club, sprint training, circuits, in door athletics, cross country. The support and encouragement from the coaches is first class. The coaches also take part in events which helps them to understand and support the younger athletes. Coaches also learn from the young athletes by talking and listening to them. Look how far the club has come in such a short time - Selby has been crying out for an athletics club for years and finally there is a team of people (volunteers) who are going to make this happen. The membership fees are very reasonable and they offer a family membership. A great club to be part off .... giving VOYAC five humongous gold stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Karolina HolewinskaKarolina Holewinska
    21:51 14 Dec 22
    VOYAC was a new challenge for my boy who is on Spectrum of Autism.He was worried at start, as usually when starting a new activitity...After only two sessions my son felt included,welcomed and started to believe he can do it! Every sessions assures him that he is good,fast and that his Spectrum is not a barrier to achieve his goals. Watching the child who feels valued and seeing how his confidence grows up is the best outcome for every parent. VOYAC has been playing a big part in that achievement. Fantastic coaches, great atmosphere and lots of good prepared activities. We could not ask for more.Highly recommended and definitely a great opportunity to exercise for All!
    dawn bennettdawn bennett
    18:55 14 Dec 22
    Fantastic club. Both my kids love the athletics club. They have made great friendship groups which have also spilled over into the weekly junior park run. The club has provided the opportunity for them to experience a real athletics stadium and cross country events which they have loved. VOYAC have also encouraged our whole family to be involved and we are all competing in the PECO cross country events this year which is a lovely family experience for us all.
    Sara JohnsonSara Johnson
    13:20 14 Dec 22
    My daughter has been with Vale of York since they first formed.She loves taking part in the sessions and representing the club at competitions.All the coaches are so friendly and do an amazing job of up skilling the children.Would highly recommend the club!
    Diane LeadbeaterDiane Leadbeater
    13:17 14 Dec 22
    Highly recommend Vale of York athletics club. Both my children attend and thoroughly enjoy it. It is really well organised and the coaches are amazing! Since they started going they have both improved in their ability and confidence by miles. I’m really pleased we found this club!
    Gemma WhiteleyGemma Whiteley
    22:22 12 Dec 22
    My son (8) absolutely loves these sessions. The kids always have a great time and it's a fantastic way for them to learn skills, make friends and be healthy. The coaches are really encouraging and passionate about what they do. So lucky to have this in Selby.
    Matt HindmarchMatt Hindmarch
    13:33 12 Dec 22
    VOYAC is a great club, supporting people of all experience levels, ages & abilities to achieve their athletic goals. The ethos is very much to make everyone feel welcome and included.
    Sally BowdenSally Bowden
    13:19 12 Dec 22
    My son is having a fantastic time at athletics club, he sometimes struggles with friendships as he does not like football and most of his school friends do, so it's been lovely to see him thrive with like minded kids who want to learn whilst having fun. The people are really friendly and encourage all the children too.As a parent I found myself wanting to join in as there was no pressure for the kids to be the best, it is more about being inclusive, having fun whilst being healthier and learning about athletics, health and fitness. So I joined the adults circuit class, at first I felt out of my depth but everyone is welcoming, and there are opportunities to differ the exercises if you are struggling or have an injury.We as a family are also learning about nutrition, which has been informative for us.I cannot recommend VOYAC enough!
    Dave PascoeDave Pascoe
    13:17 12 Dec 22
    Vale of York Athletics Community is just brilliant provided my 8 year old son with opportunities to try numerous activities that he would otherwise never have tried. Loves his sessions and also increased his confidence as well as friendship group Keep up the great work
    Dannielle StockdaleDannielle Stockdale
    13:57 18 Feb 22
    Vale of York AC is an fantastic opportunity to attend sessions to get fitter, healthier and be part of a really supportive team!It is for adults and children, sessions are very welcoming and the coaches are helpful and professional. There is healthy eating advice and guidance at the end of the circuit sessions.You really feel like part of a team and can compete in races and events affiliated with England Athletics.I highly recommend to both adults and children
    Nicola HendersonNicola Henderson
    08:06 18 Feb 22
    After having my second baby I struggled to find the time, motivation and energy for exercise. VOYAC offers a range of sessions which cater for all abilities, and because there are a number of sessions on different days I can fit them around childcare and work commitments. All coaches are so friendly and the community as a whole are really supportive, exercise is no longer a chore, but a welcome break!
    Sandra TaylorSandra Taylor
    23:30 17 Feb 22
    Loving the circuits class I'm attending at Selby College. I know I'm probably the least fit member of the group but my sweat proves I'm trying and there's lots of encouragement on hand. Well done to all those involved. X
    Tim BaldwinTim Baldwin
    23:01 17 Feb 22
    We were introduced to boot camp circuit training at Selby College by Ian. I have to say we were nervous at our first visit but all the other people were very friendly and the staff too. We soon got into it with the help of all the instructors. The training has certainly helped us with our body and mind and we are so pleased we joined the group.Tim & Mandy Baldwin
    Lynsey EllisLynsey Ellis
    08:18 21 Jan 22
    I am really enjoying the circuit sessions - fun, great workout which you can tailor to your own fitness and goals. Really helpful, friendly support and advice from the instructors, who provide guidance on how to do the exercises properly to get the most out of them.The nutrition tips and advice are also great and motivational.
    Martin NeeMartin Nee
    10:28 20 Dec 21
    Since joining VOYAC I’ve seen a great improvement in my fitness and well being….Ian and his team of coaches are highly informative and encouraging and I always look forward to attending the sessions….wish I’d joined earlier
    Richard ArcherRichard Archer
    06:30 20 Dec 21
    Fantastic sessions that are well structured, giving excellent physical benefit gains to all participants. Brilliantly coached, these sessions are fun and enable all abilities to feel equally included.
    08:17 03 Nov 21
    Another great training session on Monday. Since the VoYAC club was started during lockdown I have been following their structured training plans and have seen much improvement in my running. So much so that I achieved a PB at this years York Marathon. Age is just a number. VoYAC have a great coaching team supporting all ages and abilities.Keep up the good work guys.
    Neil RyanNeil Ryan
    16:24 27 Oct 21
    I joined the Vale of York Athletic Club in January. I have seen a massive improvement in my fitness, health and running ability since joining.The coaches are all excellent with great knowledge and expertise. There are several different types of running sessions available which really help focus on what you want to achieve personally.I’ve been really pleased with how well I’ve done and have been achieving new personal bests regularly now at parkrun and races. This is down to the hard work I am doing with the coaches and their support and belief in me to get where I want to be.I highly recommend the club for anyone who wishes to improve their fitness and running abilities in particular from my experience and just be a part of a team of friendly, approachable and enthusiastic people.
    Chris GreenChris Green
    09:34 27 Oct 21
    After becoming a member of this group at the start of the year, The coaches and other runners have been very welcoming and made me feel part of the team. The coached sessions are brilliant. Nice to run with people and push you along no matter what pace or speed you run at. It’s great to have some structure and plans to improve running. Can’t recommend them enough
    Is Vale of York a running club?

    Yes… and no. Lots of our members run on and off road and on track, but we also jump and throw, and strength train together. As a member, you are free to take part in anything you please — we are a community that encourages and inspires everyone to exercise in whatever way suits them best. When you join, you have full say in what kind of activities we do.

    Is there a discount for families or households?

    Yes, we offer a big discount for people who live in the same household. We will help you choose up to three England Athletics affiliations once you have applied. Vale of York is a community for family and friends where everybody can get fit and healthy together.

    Do I have to be ‘good’ to join?

    Definitely not. We won Yorkshire and Humber Club of the Year 2022 for our all-inclusive approach where all ages, abilities and backgrounds are accepted and catered for equally. Whatever you goal, you will be part of our community and we will support you in any way we can. Coaching advice, a supportive shoulder, or a motivational nudge — we are here for you.

    Tell me more about the nutritional support.

    Our weekly circuit training includes a support group and advice from our sports nutritional adviser. We have a broad range of healthy meal options to sustain appropriate energy levels required for our sessions whilst keeping you looking trim, taut and athletic. Carb loading plans also available for endurance athletes!

    Still have questions? Email ian@valeofyork for answers

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