Vale of York AC

About Us

VOYAC is the Vale of York's Athletic Community. We offer sociable and structured training throughout the year in Selby and the surrounding villages. Coached sessions take place every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday with something for everyone of all abilities.

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Structured Training at Vale of York AC

Coached Sessions

Planned and led by our England Athletics Coaches and our Leaders in Running Fitness.

Social Six Milers

Easy paced and conversational six-mile midweek runs suitable for everyone, with a stop or two along the way.

Long Runs

Weekend long runs of 10 miles or more. Longrun parkrun was created to kick start your Saturdays in the Vale.

Hills and Drills

Hill training, athletic drills and movement skills making use of the natural and built landscape here in the Vale.

Interval Sessions

Push yourself hard with our interval sessions and reintroduce yourself to the joy of running at speed. 

Special Events

Once a month we do something special. Running buffets, social rides or madcap challenges. You name it and we will give it a go.

Cross Training

We bike and swim as well as run, jump and throw. Parkrun and ride over the summer or come for a morning swim in Allerthorpe Lake.

Your Coaching Team

All coaches are DBS checked and fully qualified and certificated by England Athletics.

Ian Martin
Ian is our Athletics Coach and Exercise Referral Specialist. He leads sessions on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Paul Callaghan Coach in Running Fitness
Paul Callaghan
Paul is our Coach in Running Fitness. He leads sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Laura Collins
Laura is our Coach in Running Fitness (in training) and our community welfare officer.
Steph Hiscott
Steph is our England Athletics Leader in Running Fitness and cycling cross training activist.



80/20 Training Philosophy

We follow 80/20 training principles to structure our weekly training. That means 80% of the time we work out at an easy or conversational pace, and 20% of the time we train hard.

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